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covid- 19

our measures, precautions and how we are doing community during this time.


how we are and what measures we are taking

By now we are all aware of the affect that this pandemic has had worldwide. A lot of change has occurred rapidly all around us and because of this we have had to make a few adjustments this year for the safety of our community, the respect of our countries regulations and for the love to our families. We don't want to operate out of fear, but instead we want to be wise and prudent in our actions as we see the responsibility we have amongst our YWAM community and our local community.

We had to postpone our Spring and Summer schools and activities, and postpone many till the winter term or till the next year. For everyone who has been in correspondence with us and has had to deal with all the changes, we want to firstly apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. 

As a community we have put in line different and appropriate procedures to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, trainees and visitors. We are respecting all government guidelines as much as possible in regards to social distancing and other health measures such as sanitised stations on our premises entrance. 

In the Uk we have gone through two lockdowns, and although they have been difficult and challenging, and the future is still unclear, we believe and have seen God work in our lives as a community and as individuals. This time has been fruitful in our eyes in widening our vision, renewing our strength and in opening new doors and bringing forth new opportunities for the for-seeing future.

community measures

All changes will remain the

same till further notice

  • Our external DTS has now been moved online.

  • Wildfire ministries have been moved online.

  • The drop in at salvation army has stopped until the new year.

  • Our community meetings have been cancelled.

  • There won't be any open mic. nights till the new year.

  • Revival Salon has been cancelled till the new year.

  • Anyone coming to stay with us (trainee, staff or volunteer) must self isolate (quarantine) for 1-2 weeks, depending on where they are travelling from.

  • Anyone showing symptoms within the community will self isolate until tested and cleared. 

  • All future trainees must get tested for covid before arrival.

  • All guest speakers will take all social distancing measures necessary as much as possible.

  • Outreach locations and technicalities will be made closer to the assigned date due to possible government changes. 

  • Any changes to the things listed above will be made in light of the rules and regulations that the British government makes in light of any COVID-19 changes.


to be involved in

All activities are subject to change, please be flexible and alert for changes 

  • The first Saturday of the month at 4pm we have our monthly community online devotional opened to anyone interested to join. For details on how to join please contact us.

  • We are still handing out donations every Friday from 11am. Sometimes we have more food than. other times, so it is all in a 'first come first serve' bases. We are trying to split food evenly so that everyone who comes to collect food can get a bit of everything. If you know of anyone in need of food who cannot come and collect the food, please let us know and we will see what can be arranged.

  • Stay up to date with our social media for any other activities, physical or online, that we may be carrying out.



Be with us, even from afar

  • We need your help in praying for Health & safety of our YWAM Urban Key community + extended family.

  • Our current School's outreach had to be cancelled and changed due to a third lockdown in announced in England at the beginning of the year. Please pray fro our trainees and staff, that beyond fulfilling school activities that they may be creative and productive at reaching outwards. Also pray for our upcoming schools, future trainees and their health. 

  • Pray for our extended community, our neighbourhood and country. The borough that we live in, Brent, was for a while at the top of the list for cases in the country.

  • Help us pray for those affected by the virus globally. Those who have lost loved ones, who have been affected physically, spiritually and emotionally, and those who have suffered from loneliness and mental health issues due to COVID-19.

  • Last but not least, help us in praying for wisdom, guidance and strength as the body of Christ and as part of the church, to move away from fear and embrace faith so that we may find new ways to serve and cater to our communities in the aftermath of this pandemic.

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