What is DTS

A Discipleship Training School, or DTS, is a time set aside to deepen your relationship with God. It's 5 months of your time where you choose to dedicate time spent knowing more of God. You will learn who God is, how to hear His voice, and who you are in Him. Our motto as a mission mission is "to know God and to make Him known." The DTS is comprised of many different activities- teachings, evangelism, small groups, discipleship, and more! Ultimately, we are here to give you lifelong tools that you can use anywhere for the rest of your life as a Christian.

Lecture Phase

The first three months of the DTS is known as the Lecture Phase. This is where you will be learning who God is and how to deepen your relationship with Him. You will be taught by many different teachers from around the world. Typical teachings include: Hearing God’s Voice, The Father Heart of God, Inner Healing, Prayer and Intercession, Holy Spirit, Servant Heart, Identity, and many others. A normal day in the base will be one to two teachings, work duties, evangelism, and a group meeting or activity in the evening.

Outreach Phase

The last two months of the DTS is the outreach phase, which is where you will put everything you learned during the Lecture Phase into practice. The outreach could be anywhere in the world, depending on where God is guiding the team in that particular season. On outreach you will be doing any number of things- working alongside local churches or YWAM bases, street evangelism, refugee camps, orphanages, and so on.

Dates & Costs

Schools start: APRIL, JULY and OCTOBER each year. Lecture Phase: £2,400. This includes accommodation, food and transport fees for school activities. Outreach phase: £1,800 (not including flights to and from outreach destinations) Registration: £50 (payable with your application form, non-refundable) Deposit: £500 (payable after acceptance, non-refundable) You will be responsible to buy your tickets to and from London before and after the DTS and the transportation to and from the outreach location(s), which will be communicated to you during the Lecture Phase.


Applicants from outside of the UK will need to have a visa to train with us. You will most likely apply for a Tier 5 Religious Worker Visa but as YWAM, we will be your sponsors and walk you through the visa application process after you are accepted into the programme. The price of the visa is £255 for 6 months. You will need to take this into consideration and allow enough time to complete the application and visa process. If you are not British, we recommend you apply 3 months before the beginning of the school.

How to Apply

To apply for the school, please fill out the application form by clicking on the button below. You will also need references from:

  1. A church leader
  2. A mature Christian friend
  3. An employer or teacher.
Simply send the link of the page to your referees so they can click on the correspondent button and fill in the reference for you.






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