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Our heart is that you wouldn’t just be equipped with knowledge during your time training with us, but that as you learn and grow, God can remove any limits that keep you from what He has for you. We see every course and trainee as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a chance to bless and serve, to pour out from what we’ve been given from God. Some may train with us for 3 months, others for years but nonetheless, we want you to seize the moment and grab on to all that God has for you during your time with us.


At the core of all of our courses is discipleship. We believe that the model that Jesus lived and left us with is one to follow and imitate. How Jesus lived with His disciples is how we want to live as well- doing life together as a community, enjoying, being challenged and stretched is what makes this process so special. You will gain so much more than skills and knowledge here- from life lessons to belonging to experiences that you can take with you forever. 


Jesus said, “pick up your cross and follow me” and this is no easy task. Living as a Christ follower today isn’t guaranteed happiness and perfection, but it is worth it to know God and be in His Kingdom. He promises to be with us through every circumstance- high or low, as we learn to hear His voice and follow His words. Our invitation isn’t just to gain knowledge or have a quick adventure with God. But our invitation is for you to allow God to shake and lay new foundations in you as you grow in intimacy with Him.

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