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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

I think of 'awe' as a moment in time

A moment that eats time

A moment that makes time stop

When I think of standing in awe of God;

time stops, my mind breaks at the

revelation of God's incomprehensibility

I'm at a loss for words

at the basic thought of the

general bigness of God

Much like looking at an infinite

landscape of snow-covered mountains

that makes my heart skip a beat and the

"takes my breath away" description becomes

elementary compared to the feelings I have in the moment...

... now think about who those mountains praise and answer to

who spoke them into being?

now the 'awe' that I felt toward it

is replaced with an 'awe' that can't be

described in words.

I don't stand in awe of creation anymore.

I stand in awe of the creator

I stand in awe of God.

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